Why You Should Switch to Solar Batteries

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During power outages, it is always a struggle to find flashlights and candles in your dark house. You cannot see much, and you may not even want to use your phone so that you can preserve the battery as long as you can. After the struggle of finding flashlights or candles, what if your batteries are dead or you can’t find a match to light the candle? All that hard work done just to do it all over again.

Why You Should Switch to Solar Batteries

You can avoid these problems with solar batteries, which are devices that store energy for later use. They’re best to use when there are power outages or when you just want to save money. There are two types of solar batteries that we offer:

  • Enphase Encharge
  • Tesla Powerwall

The Enphase Encharge comes in two different sizes and lifespans, the Encharge 3 and the Encharge 10. Both hold a few hours of energy, which is perfect for those temporary power outages or nights you just do not want to waste power. The Tesla Powerwall detects power outages and can last for several hours. Both batteries have a 10-year warranty and are beneficial for you and your wallet.

This also a good way to help reduce your carbon footprint. During peak times of power usage, you could switch over to the solar batteries to reduce power usage and save money. They benefit both the environment and your wallet. Feel free to contact us at 3 Guys Solar, LLC with any questions or concerns you may have regarding solar batteries.