Our 5-Step Process for Solar Energy Savings

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At 3 Guys Solar, LLC, we understand that solar panels and the other components of a solar energy system might be unfamiliar territory for most people. We know that nearly every home and business can experience solar energy savings, so we are committed to helping you have the information you need to decide on moving forward with our 5-step process for solar energy savings.

Our 5-Step Process for Solar Energy Savings

We developed the 5-step process for solar energy savings so you would know what to expect throughout the process. You’ll never be left guessing what comes next. We keep the lines of communication open so you can get any questions or concerns addressed promptly. Here are the 5 steps of our process:

  • Step 1: Consultation- Our initial consultation delves into the basic information about solar power and the potential benefits you could experience. We can also go over financing options.
  • Step 2: On-Site Survey- We provide a thorough assessment of your property to let you know the feasibility of installing solar panels and whether your objectives can be met.
  • Step 3: Design, Engineering & Permitting- With your objectives in mind and all facts gathered, we move into designing your solar energy system. We take care of the design and engineering before presenting them for permits and HOA approval.
  • Step 4: Installation- Once approval to proceed has been obtained, we schedule the installation, which can take one or two days depending on the project’s scope.
  • Step 5: Final Inspection, Interconnectivity Process & Training- We arrange for final inspections and start the interconnectivity process with the power company. When we get the green light, we turn it all on and conduct training with you so you can confidently use your new system.

Reach out today if you have questions about our 5-step process for solar energy savings or if you are ready to start with the first step. We look forward to helping you experience the energy savings that you expect and deserve at your Orlando, Florida residential or commercial property.