Let’s Stand Up and Support Solar!

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You would think that everyone would be on board with the benefits of solar panels. After all, they lower your utility costs and reduce your carbon footprint, and the planet benefits from them as much as the homeowner. Unfortunately, there are those who aren’t too happy about homeowners taking advantage of the benefits of solar panels: the utility companies. They stand to lose revenue and growth ability if too many people take solar panels seriously and exit from the grid.

Let’s Stand Up and Support Solar!

Under a current petition headed to the Florida Supreme Court, Floridians will be given the right to choose. By deregulating utilities, customers will be able to choose their electricity provider. Even more to the point of those looking at the benefits of solar panels is that there will be more options open for doing that. Obviously, FPL and other utility companies are looking to fight this measure. While FPL is actively installing their own solar panels and intends to have 30 million in place within the next 10 years, that doesn’t equate to energy savings for the consumer.

Another fight on the hands of those wanting the benefits of solar panels relates to solar net metering. With net metering in place, solar panel owners get a fair credit for the electricity produced with their solar panels. The utility companies want to see that go away, but they haven’t been successful in that regard.

Commissioner Donald J. Polmann of the Florida Public Service Commission recently said that nothing is going to be done on this issue without engagement from the public—so we need to take this opportunity to stand up for our rights! The Commission is accepting comments until October 8, and you can let your voice be heard by sending them a message now.

If you want to be a solar supporter, at 3 Guys Solar, LLC, we encourage you to take action to stand up for solar rights and deregulation in Florida. Speak up with your vote on measures that come up on the ballot and write letters to the Florida Public Service Commission and other government departments. Florida’s sunny environment makes it the ideal place to install solar panels, so let’s not let greedy utility companies hamper that in any way!