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See what our customers are saying about their experience with solar.

Here in Orlando, Florida, there’s no shortage of sunshine! Here at 3 Guys Solar, LLC, we help people throughout Orland take advantage of the abundant sunshine we get, harnessing this energy and transforming it into useable electricity. Solar panels can make a real difference for your residential or commercial property. But don’t take it from us – read through some of our customer success stories to find out why our customers love their solar panel systems!

As you read through our customer success stories, you’ll notice many of them mention how much money they now save on electricity every month. We can give you a free home energy audit to help you determine how much your individual residential or commercial site will save. Contact us today to find out more and to schedule your free home energy audit!

Very happy

3 Guys Solar, LLC did a PV solar install for me in Winter Garden. It hasn’t been quite a year yet, but I am very happy so far. I got quotes from 5 companies and decided on 3 Guys. They weren’t the cheapest but were in the bottom half. I like the technology they suggested for my installation (optimizers and main inverter). The sales person was very knowledgeable and communicated the process and schedule very well. The 3 installers were amazing. They finished the whole install in 2 days. The Duke meter change-out was the bottleneck (took about 2 weeks, and the electric company was the hold-up, not 3 Guys). The data connection from the box was bad after installation, but was replaced by 3 Guys quickly with little effort from me. The only complaint would be we under-powered our system a little bit (thinking we needed about 10% to 15%). We just moved into the house and only had 6 months of bills, so getting it accurate would be a challenge. I did request the ability to expand the production if we did under-shoot a little. I will reach out to them soon to see about expanding. Very happy so far though.

-Andrew R., Angie’s List Review

Excellent Job

It went very well. Excellent job.

-Gary C., Angie’s List Review


Fantastic! Easy to deal with, easy to communicate with, etc.

-Roger O., Angie’s List Review

Excellent Presentation

Excellent presentation. Gave us all the answers immediately. Every step of the way, they followed through and had no problem. Very friendly.

-Thomas S., Angie’s List Review

Smooth Installation

Ordering the system and arranging financing was easy. Installation went very smoothly. One minor problem showed up the next week and was immediately fixed.

-Patrick H., Angie’s List Review

Very Happy

The install went very smoothly with the normal expected delays for permitting and final utility inspection. We had two components fail within the first three months, but they came out and replaced them quickly under warranty (in one case, the monitoring system identified the problem and they called me to schedule a service call before I had even noticed). I have been very happy with their responsiveness and communication.

-Jay S., Angie’s List Review

Extremely Professional

From initial contact to final installation, 3 Guys Solar, LLC was extremely professional and courteous. Truly no-pressure sales, and very quick to respond to all needs. I was amazed at how well-run the little solar company is. Since installation, I have had zero problems. I love these people and have recommended them to several friends. They know their stuff, and beat the big guys at their own game.

-Timothy E., Angie’s List Review

Professional Service

Excellent. Very knowledgeable and professional sales and service personnel. They do all the permitting paperwork with the city, send you the proper tax information and then continue to follow up after the panels are installed to make sure they are working properly.

-Patricia G., Angie’s List Review

So Professional

I would not hesitate to do it again. 3 Guys Solar, LLC was straight up during the quote and sales process, completed the installation in a prompt and professional manner, and has been available and responsive to questions and for consultation ever since. We have had a few panels that have developed issues, but they promptly replaced them without question. Everyone connected with the company has been just great, from the owners through the installers.

-Katherine P., Angie’s List Review

Very Dependable

All went well. 3 Guys Solar, LLC did all the work. From the sales person to the installers and supervisor, everyone was great up to the end. If I should call on them now, someone will call or come over to explain what I need to clarify . Very dependable company. All workers have your interest at heart.

-Patricia M., Angie’s List Review

Top Notch

The entire process from start to finish was fantastic. From consultation to install to performance, all was top notch. Look no further than 3 Guys Solar, LLC for your solar needs.

-Scott D., Angie’s List Review

Great Job

Just as it was planned. 40 panels installed for an 11.6k system and a solar attic fan, and the day after the final inspection, Duke was out to change my meter out. Couldn’t ask for much more. Great job. Thank you.

-Sean S., Angie’s List Review

Well Done

The whole procedure was easy and well done. The installers were very friendly and knowledgeable and went out of their way to answer all of my questions and concerns. While in the attic, one of the workers noticed some holes in the AC ducts and offered to correct this. Gorilla masking tape worked wonders, and I can only thank them again or I would have never known. The job looks great! Before we even knew it, both outside and inside were cleaned as if no one was there. The panels look great! They are outstanding installers, and we would suggest them to ANYONE who is considering having the panels and system installed.

-John H., Angie’s List Review

Terrific Job

Terrific job. After interviewing about seven other vendors, we chose 3 Guys Solar, LLC and have zero regrets.

-Seth K., Facebook Review

Great Installation

This is a great family-run company with friendly, knowledgeable people. Great installation and service! Love being off the energy grid with 3 Guys Solar, LLC!

-Claire F., Facebook Review

Very Professional

The best solar company there is. Very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. They just finished the installation. Now it is up and running. I cannot wait to see my new electric bill. It has been averaging $400 a month.

-Jess D., Facebook Review

Great Job

Mike, Claudio, Andy and Jose did a great job coordinating installation and completion with Duke power. Meter was changed yesterday and working great.

-John P., Angie’s List Review


I got my solar panel system installed, and the service from the sales department until the final step of installation was awesome. Very professional, honest and reliable. I am so glad I choose 3 Guys Solar, LLC for my solar energy needs that I decided to be part of their sales team because of the honesty, professionalism and personal customer service experience.

-Vanessa A., Facebook Review

Very Professional

Very professional company from the entire staff, Mike in sales, Jose doing drawings, the entire installation crew, and Andy, the owner. They answered all of my questions and were more then happy making sure I received the panels I wanted. They helped set up the financing and sent emails and phone calls keeping me apprised of the process. I couldn’t be more pleased to find such a reputable company and highly recommend them to family and friends

-Joyce W., Facebook Review

Attention to Detail

Ability, honesty, trust, dependability, follow-through, professional, attention to detail, service after sales. These are all qualities I experienced in my dealings with 3 Guys Solar, LLC. They listened, asked questions, ensured that their product matched my solar needs, and handled all details associated with my panel installation (i.e. permits, delivery, installation, inspection, final power company authorization, etc.) You don’t run into this kind of company much anymore, unfortunately. Their customer service goes beyond what is expected in today’s world. It”s the kind of service I saw growing up. We had been looking for a good solar company for a couple of years, and 3 Guys Solar, LLC was the ONE!!!! My wife and I knew that they were the right company. They came to our home and were very professional. They listened to what I wanted as far as size and quality of solar panels and their placement on the roof. We signed our contract on May 5 and the installation was approved by Orange County and operating by July 20. Had to be a world record! I can monitor the solar panel power production on my cell phone, and everything works as advertised. I highly and only recommend 3 Guys Solar, LLC to anyone who wants a PV system.

-Jesus A., Facebook Review

I Love My Solar Energy System

I love my solar energy system so much because we have produced more energy than we consume. For the past 3 months, our Duke Energy bill has only been $10.47, plus we have a credit of 391kWh.

-LaVerne W., Facebook Review


-John & Rhonda O’Brien, Facebook Review

No Energy Charge

Just received another power bill with no energy charge. Fourth month in a row at net zero.

-Andy W., Facebook Review

Happy with the Quality

I want to say that I am very happy with the quality and service offered by 3 Guys Solar, LLC. I recommend them to everyone who wants a great service. Thank you, Gustavo and Casilda, for a wonderful service.

-Karla R., BBB Review

Fantastic Job

Andy and Mike were my first contacts with 3 Guys Solar, LLC. Mike did a fantastic job of educating a 67-year-old, recently-widowed, didn’t-have-a-clue novice to solar energy. I never realized there were so many rules, regulations, policies and procedures that had to be followed by reputable companies such as 3 Guys Solar, LLC. I appreciated his honesty when he told me if the power went off that the solar would also be shut off. This was to ensure no electricians would be electrocuted while working on the lines after an outage! My home was built in 1981. When Mike did a walk-thru and saw the age of my power box thingy, he added a complete electrical box switch-out at no additional cost. He truly is an angel. Now it was Andy’s turn to explain the nuts-and-bolts process of creating a solar-powered home. He reviewed the types of high-quality materials 3 Guys Solar, LLC used that went above and beyond what was legally required by Orange County. I did not know each county has different standards for installing solar. The workers were also professional, courteous and extremely knowledgeable as they worked as a team installing the panels and hooking up the electrical stuff. Yesterday, an OUC tech (she was nice) switched out the meter, turned on the solar switch and explained what to look for on the new meter to know the panels were working. The last step is now for Mike to come out and show me how to download the Solar Edge app for my tablet and how to use it. I hope the above review explains why I gave 3 Guys Solar, LLC a 5-star review.

-Susan B., BBB Review

Transaction was Great

The whole transaction with 3 Guys Solar, LLC was great, starting with sales all the way through installation. They did all the paperwork and guided me through step by step. I highly recommend them. Also the best price around, as I compared them with 3 other companies

-Philip C., BBB Review

Great Customer Service

Got my system installed in April 2017 and can’t be happier. Great customer service, professionals and real experts in solar. The best part is that I am saving a lot. As of today I have gained $585 from solar after paying for my solar loan and Duke Energy bill. Thank you, Claudio and 3 Guys Solar, LLC.

-Augustu, Google Review