What Churches & Temples Should Know About Our Brighter Way Program

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Go Solar with A Brighter Way Program: Energy for Your Place of Worship

Every year, your church or temple faces tens of thousands of dollars in electrical expenses. And with utility costs rising, you and your people need your already limited resources to go even further. Our ‘A Brighter Way Program’ was specifically designed to support religious institutions and provide energy for your place of worship. The federal government will pay 30% of what it costs to install solar panels at your location and your members’ homes. Our program provides large group pricing for you and all your members.

Give Back to your Church or Temple with our Brighter Way Program

For every member of your congregation who participates, we’ll take $1,000 off the total cost of your church’s solar panels. This benefit applies to the cost of your building’s solar panel installation. Contact us now at 3 Guys Solar, LLC to find out how this program can help you and your members save money and lead your church or temple to a brighter future.