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Solar Hot Water

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Watch the video for a better understanding on the basic functions of a Solar Hot Water System for your home of office.

Hot Water is used everyday by every member of your family. You use hot water to cook and clean, wash your cloths and at the end of the day for showers and baths. Using a traditional water heater with an electric element is the most expensive and inefficient way to provide hot water for your family.

SOLUTION: A Solar Hot Water System is a clean, renewable and the most efficient way to heat your household water. By using the suns energy to heat your water allows you to reduce your dependence on the power company and thus will dramatically reduce your power bill. In Florida with our warm Summers and mild Winters a Solar Water Heater can reduce your electric usage by 90%. *A family of 4 can save up to $64 dollars per month.*

ARE THERE INCENTIVES FOR SOLAR? The Federal Government and your Power Company believe in this proven technology and back it with incentives and rebates to lower the initial costs. Click on the links below for more Renewable Energy Incentives in your area.

IS THERE FINANCING FOR SOLAR? 3 Guys Solar works with all the major banks that offer SOLAR financing that cover the total system cost. Their special Solar financing allows ZERO down payments with low monthly payments. With a $39 monthly payment your savings start on the very day that you GO SOLAR.

NO PAYMENTS FOR 2 YEARS: Tell others about your solar system and we will make your monthly financing payment. 3 Guys Solar values your loyalty and offers the Solar Referral Program to all past SHW customers. Conditions apply so call us today for more information.

HOW DOES A SOLAR HOT WATER SYSTEM WORK? A Solar Heater on your home uses the suns thermal energy to heat the water in your storage tank during the day and you draw from it all night. Our quality install team replaces your water storage tank with a with a new solar tank that is double the size of your existing tank then installs a Solar collector on the roof. When the temperature in the collector is hotter than the water in the tank, cool water for the bottom of the tank is pumped to the collector. The water exits the solar collector up to 180 degrees and returns back to the water tank. The Solar controller monitors the system and turns off when the tank temperature reached 165 degrees. The storage tank has a backup element and the collector has freeze protection for cold days. Our systems is fully automatic and requires minimum maintenance.

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